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Best Antivirus for Gamers by News

What sells you on Internet Security? Is it the threat of losing your email, game keys, music, Facebook account or is it something even more sinister such as losing your identity, money ... home? Well for me, it's all of the above, but most importantly my game keys which are secured in a dual encrypted file and store on multiple drives ... one of those drives is on my person right now. (A bit extreme you say? Just wait till the zombie scripts come for your WoW key and we'll see how you react!) $10 says you'll chew through the walking corpses to get to your game discs ... and then go get the shotgun.

Seriously though, I could deal with losing my email; and I've already lost my music once due to a hard drive failure and no back up-- but losing my game keys would make curl into the fetal position for months. So while we're bombarded from space by all the AV companies battling for our money and yes, Internet Security is something you should never trust to an ad-ware program, we should keep some things in mind. Who makes the software? What kind of history and track record do they have? 

When I received a chance to review the gods of anti-virus (AV) I threw my body onto the ESET altar like a virgin in a Conan movie. You must be thinking to yourself, "Who's ESET?" and why do I have the image of SteelValor in a white loincloth with his chest heaving in anticipation of the sacrificial blade?

For those of you who do know who ESET are and use their products, good job- go get a cookie and skip to the next paragraph. For the rest of you, it's history time. I've been wandering tech forums for years and every single time I see a thread about "what's the best AV software?" I see the same answer, "ESET", "ESET", "ESET", "ESET!!!!!!".

Geeks everywhere have been preaching NOD32, ESET's AV program, for years and now I'm clanging the war gong in their favor as well. This suite is by far the most effective and easiest suite I've used to date and yes, I've been quoted on the box of another product for an endorsement I made years ago.  All that aside, ESET's Internet Security Suite flag is now raised high above my home office. Why? It's actually very non-intrusive and when you first install it you are offered a learning mode, which I jumped on. This learns how you use your PC and adjusts the firewall accordingly. Literally no intervention is required in learning mode. Now this mode does shut off after a few weeks and returns to it's normal "prompt" mode, but given the fact that it is the best learning solution I've used to date. Scanning is faster than a cheetah riding an asteroid into the ground and it's memory footprint is so small ... a "gamer mode" isn't needed.


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This article was published on Wednesday 26 May, 2010.
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